Vocabulario de Enfermedades en Ingles y Español

feeling ill vocabulario en inglesThe winter months have arrive and the end of December 2012 has been cold. Many people get ill over the Christmas holidays and find it difficult to recover in time for the New Year celebrations. Well, if you do get ill, this is how you should express yourself.

1. To Feel Well ~ Encontrarse Bien
e.g. I went to the gym today and I feel really well.

2. To Feel Unwell ~ No Encontrarse Muy Bien
e.g. I have a cold and I don’t feel very well.

3. To Feel Terrible ~ Econtrarse Fatal 
e.g. I feel terrible today. I have a cold and I didn’t sleep last night.

4. To Feel Great ~ Econtrarse Fenomenal
e.g. I had 10 hours sleep last night and now I feel great! I am so happy!

5. To Feel Rotten ~ No Estoy Muy Católico/a
e.g. I have a cold, I haven’t had any sleep and I feel sick. I feel rotten!

6. To Have a Headache ~ Me Duele la Cabeza
e.g. I drank too much wine last night and now I have a headache.

7. To Have a Fever ~ Tengo Gripe
e.g. I have a really bad fever and I need to go to bed!

8. To Have a Sore Throat ~ Me Duele la Garganta 
e.g. I can’t speak because I have a really sore throat.

9. To Have Flu ~ Tengo Gripe
My body hurts, my head hurts and everything hurts. I must have flu!

10. To Have a Cough (KOFF) ~ Tengo Una Tos Muy Fea
I can’t speak properly or breathe properly because I have a really bad cough!

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