¿Quiénes Somos?


Why learn English?

  • To improve school performance
  • To meet the requirements of many universities that require an official Cambridge degree to award the degree
  • To access better job opportunities
  • To travel abroad. meet and communicate with foreigners, attend a conference or simply, to enjoy a film in its original version

Our focus

  • Facilitate the development of all areas of the language in a harmonic manner, with the emphasis on communication
  • Maximize oral practice time in class
  • Generate ideal conditions for natural learning: we look for the balance between the effort that means to learn a foreign language and the enjoyment of the process
  • Know each student and take their needs into account
  • Plan in a coordinated way the development of the course and the activities of continuous evaluation

Willington House Languages ​​Barcelona English TEACHERS 17-18

Pedagogical Team

  • Native teachers, graduates, and with proven experience
  • Studies Department responsible for in-service training:  observe, train and coordinate the team of teachers, and also communication with parents


  • Online courses
  • Classes of general English (A1-C2) for all ages
  • FCE / CAE Express Courses: specific exam practice for Cambridge
  • Conversation courses
  • English for Baccalaureate
  • Intensive summer courses
  • Tutorials
  • Classes for companies


  • 8 air-conditioned classrooms, equipped with computer, projector and Internet access
  • Facilities adapted for the disabled
  • An extensive library and video library, both freely accessible for students

Cambridge English Exams in Barcelona wellington house barcelona 2018

Call us and find out

Wellington House Languages ​​Barcelona English Academy
C / Selva de Mar 239
San Martí
08020 Barcelona

Telephone: +34 93 313 2193
Email: info@wellingtonhousebcn.com
Facebook: www.facebook / wellingtonhouseidiomas
Twitter: www.twitter.com/whidiomas


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