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In the student spot light this week Antonio “Tony The Tiger” Alcala 

wellington house idiomas barcelona ingles escolarWhen I was a child I usually created objects, so I considered myself to be a self-made man. I began with simple decorative and useless things. Sometimes they seemed to be simple and old-fashioned but other times my friends told me they were extraordinary. Once, I participated in a contest where my so-called gadget had no chance of winning, but I finally won because judges considered it to be a quick-witted and different toy for kids. It was much acclaimed by everybody.

Between the age of thirteen and fifteen, I was a little depressed and all of the gadgets were last-minute things, prepared in short-term periods. It was because of my teenage years, I was not a very level-headed boy. I had some silly things in my mind and sometimes I was like a child. This was the worst period of my life.

Then everything got better, and when I was eighteen, a famous engineer named Peter found by chance one of my gadgets in my final project at school. He gave me the opportunity to take part in a project for his company. We connected very well and it seemed to be a long-standing relationship from the first moment. In the beginning I was very shocked, it was very difficult to believe that it had happened to me, it was far-fetched. It was very different from school. It was a long-term project where I had to design innovative air-tigh containers for food.

escolar de ingles barcelona wellington house idiomasI had left those teenage years behind me. I was prepared for this challenge, and finally I felt like a strong-minded adult, beginning a new chapter of my life.

All of a sudden I was a rich man being part of a multinational design company that made innovative designs for different companies around the world. It could be said that my designs were successful and eventually mass-produced.

by Antonio Alcala

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In the student spot light this week Antonio “Tony The Tiger” Alcala  When I was a child I usually created objects, so I considered...
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