London – 3 Things You Didn’t Know About London Life

London Life – Majestic. Manic. Mad
London is one of the world’s biggest and most diverse cities, but you already knew that. Here are a few interesting facts about London that I’m certain will make you smile. 

interesting facts about the london underground1. The London Underground
In Barcelona we call it the Metro, in London, it’s called the Underground or more commonly, the Tube. My friends laugh at me when I’m in London and ask where the nearest metro stop is. “Ben, you’re not in Barcelona anymore!” The London Underground/Tube was the first underground transport system to be implemented by a city. It is also the world’s largest underground network. Ironically, the London Underground is also the most unreliable and expensive of all metro systems. Funny as it may seem, the London Underground route between Leicester Square and Covent Garden is the most popular tourist route, even though it’s actually faster to complete the journey on  foot.

Student Notes
On Foot = To Walk

2. London has not always been called London
The different names of London London, possibly the most famous city name of all time. At very least, one of the top 3. It may strike you as odd then, that London has not always been called London. During the Roman Invasion, London was called Londonium and Ludenwic in Saxon times. While Alfred the Great was in control, London was called Ludenburg. Mind the Gap!

Student Notes
It strikes me as odd = An expression to show that something seems different or strange.

3. It’s Illegal to Get Drunk!
The British have a bad reputation for being bad drinkers. We are loud and unfortunately, sometimes rude and disrespectful of other countries cultures. It’s said that the British drink too much when they travel to Spain. I blame the price of beer in Spain, it’s so much cheaper than in Britain. Any way, the law in England states that it is illegal to get drunk. Yes! That really is strange isn’t it! You can drink alcohol but you cannot get drunk in England.

I’m Ben Holbrook. Reporting for Wellington House Idiomas Barcelona.

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London Life – Majestic. Manic. Mad London is one of the world’s biggest and most diverse cities, but you already knew that. Here are a...
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