3 English Idioms To Use When You’re Angry! From Barcelona English School: Wellington House Idiomas

3 Angry English Idioms to Express your Anger!

barcelona english school lesson - English idiomsWhen you are very very angry, use these English idioms to express yourself. Some are funny and some are very powerful! Enjoy!

1. To Throw A Wobbly

My favourite “Angry Idiom”, – When you want to express that somebody has become very angry and lost control of themselves, we say they are throwing a wobbly.

Examples of how to use “To Throw A Wobbly”

1. He lost his money on the metro and was so angry he threw a wobbly! It was so embarrassing, he was screaming at everybody on the metro!

2. I know you are angry, but don’t throw a wobbly, it’s not going to help the situation!

2. To Go Ballistic

This is quite a funny English idiom which is used to describe someone who gets very angry and aggressive. It’s very strong and normally means that the person becomes physically violent.

Examples of how to use “To Go Ballistic”

1. Tony got very angry when Sylvia dropped his watch down the toilet, he went ballistic and punched a hole in the wall! I was glad he punched the wall and not Sylvia!

2. I’m so angry with Johnny. He gave my favourite pen to his girlfriend! Next time I see him I’m going to go ballistic!

3.  To Blow Your Top

When you are very stressed and angry, you have to be careful that you don’t blow your top! You have to try to stay calm!

Examples of how to use “To Blow Your Top!”

1. OH NO! I crashed Mum’s car! She wouldn’t normally mind but last week I also broke her favourite tea pot! Now she’s really going to blow her top!

2. Don’t blow your top! I’m sorry that your watch is broken, but it’s not the end of the world!

These are very common English idioms to express that you  are angry! Use them and express yourself! Enjoy!

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3 Angry English Idioms to Express your Anger! When you are very very angry, use these English idioms to express yourself. Some are funny...
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