Ohio Zoo Tragedy – 48 Animals Shot Dead by Police

48 Animals from Ohio Zoo have been shot dead

48 Animal Shot Dead From Ohio Zoo Tigers/lions/panthersA zoo keeper in Ohio left the gates open and almost all of the animals escaped. The local Police were given the order to “shoot-to-kill”. The situation was considered too dangerous to leave to chance and with the dark of night approaching they decided not to take any chances. 48 of the 56 animals from Muskingum County Animal Farm were killed by Police.

Mr Hanna, a former director of Columbus Zoo, said tranquilising animals in the dark was incredibly dangerous, and told reporters that “the sheriff did the right thing”.

The shoot-to-kill order may anger many animal rights supporters, especially when you consider that 18 Bengal tigers and 17 lions were killed in the incident, there are only 1400 left in the world. But Mr Hanna said that “You cannot tranquilise an animal like this, a bear or a leopard or a tiger [at night], If you do that, the animal gets very excited, it goes and hides, and then we have [police officers] in danger of losing their life, and other people.”

The zoo keeper was later found dead at the zoo. It is thought that he killed himself. It is not said whether or not the gates were left open on purpose or not.

28 Animals Killed At Ohio Zoo

Animals Killed from Ohio Zoo Muskingum County Animal Farm

  • 1 wolf
  • 6 black bears
  • 2 grizzly bears
  • 17 lions
  • 1 baboon
  • 3 mountain lions
  • 18 Bengal tigers

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48 Animals from Ohio Zoo have been shot dead A zoo keeper in Ohio left the gates open and almost all of the animals...
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