London Photoblog – A Birthday in London

A 28th birthday in London, England.

The 9th of February was my 28th birthday and I thought it would be fun to create a photo blog with the photos which I took. I will comment under each photo, telling you where the picture was taken, and what we saw.
Snow in London 2012

I woke up and found it had snowed. My street looked really beautiful.

William Shakespeare Globe Theatre

The Tate Modern Art Gallery & The William Shakespeare Globe Theatre

We took the train from Waterloo train station and walked along the river. It’s really beautiful and you can see all the London landmarks like Big-Ben, the London Eye etc. As we walked east along the river, we found the London Tate Modern Art Gallery, which is one of the most famous art galleries in London. In the picture above, you can see the tower of the art gallery, it was huge! In this picture, you can also see the famous William Shakespeare Globe Theatre. William Shakespeare was from Sratford Upon-Avon but moved to London to become an actor.

Pirate Ship in London

As we continued to walk along the river we discovered a pirate ship! This is a famous pirate ship in London and you can take a guided tour if you have time.

London Borough Market

Borough Market, London Food Market

Borough market is one of London’s most famous food markets. They have amazing cheese, meat and food stalls with food from all over the world. It is similar to the Boqueria market in Barcelona, but much colder!

London photo shoot at borough market

Celebrity Photo Shoot in Borough Market London

As we looked around Borough market, we discovered a crowd of people. They were watching a photo shoot. It was very cold but the model was dressed in summer clothes. Brrrrrrr..!!!!!

A photo of Tower bridge in London, taken from London bridge

Tower Bridge London – Photo Taken From London Bridge

You can see the boats floating on the River Thames. London’s main river which runs through the city. The bridge is one of London’s most famous landmarks, it’s called Tower Bridge. I took the picture from London Bridge, which is not so beautiful.

A Birthday Meal in London

Don’t laugh at my eyes!! Some of my friends and I went for a birthday dinner at a local pub. English pubs serve traditional British food, like steak, ribs and fish and chips! mmmmmmm!!

New Vocabulary

Photo Shoot = Noun = This is what we call it when you arrange models and photographers to take pictures of something. It could be people, or objects or a place.

Pirate = Noun = Pirates are criminals who stole things and escaped on their pirate ships!

Pirate = Verb = To make an illegal copy of something. For example, a pirate DVD copy.

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A 28th birthday in London, England. The 9th of February was my 28th birthday and I thought it would be fun to create a...
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