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Are you nervous about your CAE Writing exam? Don’t worry! Here is a CAE writing example for you to study! I have also added some examiner comments so you can see what is good and bad. I hope it helps an dI wish you luck with your CAE writing exam!


  • Task has been understood
  • Clearly organised but there are too many paragraphs.


  • Accuracy of language is satisfactory. However,there are a number of non-impeding spelling errors (e.g. “genuinaly”, “offert”).
  • A number of minor, non-impeding structural errors (e.g. “young people is…”, “affect to…”).


  • Adequate range of structures. Some evidence of good vocabulary.


  • Consistent and appropriate.
  •  Target reader would be informed.

CAE Writing Example Question

Choose one of the following writing tasks. Your answer should follow exactly the instructions given.
Write approximately 250 words.

Do you think there should be more or less tourism in your region?
What benefits does the tourist industry bring to your region?
What would be the disadvantages of increased tourism?
Write and tell us your views.
We will publish the most interesting articles

Candidates CAE Writing Answer

El Escorial, another place to visit.

Spain is a well-known touristic target with visitors from around the world.
Not only are the beaches memorable and unforgetable but the islands as well.
However, there are other places in Spain which would be very attractive to
tourists although far from the sea. I am referring El Escorial, one of the
most relevant cities in the Spanish history.

El Escorial is located in the centre of the country. This city is famous for its
monastery, a master piece of architecture, and from where several Spanish
kings ruled most of the planet. The landscape is astonishing, the food is
healthy and delicious, and people are genuinaly good-natured.

The tourist offert is twofold. On the one hand, cultural tourism and, on the
other hand, a wide range of sport activities is available.

The most important benefit to El Escorial from tourism is the creation of
employment. Young people is forced to leave their town because they cannot
find a job. But, if the levels of tourism are increased there will be more
demand of services. The quality and quantity of amenities might be improved
as well, which would affect to residents positively.

In contrast, some negative aspects can be pointed out. Firstly, hotels use to
be built in places with stunning views, for this reason, the city’s beauty could
be damaged.

Secondly, groups of tourists can be noisy and sometimes annoying and the
relaxing lifestyle of the city could be disturbed.

Finally, the levels of delinguence and crime can be increased, as tourists are a
target for burglars.

Despite being aware of all these problems I still think that higher levels of
tourism will very quickly compensate them both socially and economically.

CAE Wrting Exam – Tips and Advice


The examiner checks that you have included all of
the content points listed in the task. If you have not
included everything, you will lose marks. You may
also lose marks if part of your answer is not relevant
to the task.

CAE Level Range of language

The examiner is looking for a range of vocabulary,
expressions and grammatical structures: whether you
use a variety of expressions or repeat language. Also,
if you only write simple sentences you cannot get a
high mark. So, when you plan your writing, try to link
your ideas to make more complex sentences.

Organisation of ideas

The examiner checks to see how well you have
organised your ideas. Well-organised writing has
paragraphs to help the reader to follow the ideas and
linking words such as ‘although’ and ‘because’ to
connect the ideas. Headings can also be used (for
proposals or reports), and letters should be formatted


It is important to be accurate so that the examiner
can understand what you write. You will lose marks if
you make mistakes which confuse the examiner and
make your answer difficult to follow. However, if you
use a good expression but it includes a small mistake,
you will not lose marks; you can still get a high mark
for work which includes minimal errors. Check your
work carefully to avoid careless errors with spelling,
verb tenses and singular/plural agreements.

CAE Exam – Register and Target Reader

You need to think who you are writing to. Some
phrases and expressions are more suitable for
particular situations: for example, a letter to your
teacher or boss will be quite formal, whereas a letter
to your friend should include informal expressions.

CAE Writing Exam Format

Think about how you will present your writing. For
example, a report will look different from a letter: a
report should have clear sections, perhaps with
headings, whereas a letter begins with ‘Dear …’ and
ends in a different way from a report. You do not
need to include addresses when writing letters.

CAE Writing Exam Word length

It is important to remember the word limit. If your
answer is very short, you have probably not included
all the content points and therefore you will not be
able to receive a high mark. If your answer is too long,
your answer may include some irrelevant information
or is not well organised, so it is likely to have a
negative affect on the target reader.

If you include all of these things, the examiner will
have a positive impression and you will get high
marks for good communication in writing.

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Are you nervous about your CAE Writing exam? Don’t worry! Here is a CAE writing example for you to study! I have also added...
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