Easter Vocabulary for English Students (ESL/TEFL)

Would you like to celebrate Easter in Barcelona

Easter Egg Hunt

In Britain, adults hide lots of little chocolate Easter eggs around the house and garden, and the children “hunt” for them.

To Execute

When somebody is killed, normally because they did something wrong. Prisoners are executed in some countries, after they are found guilty of committing a crime.

To Come Back to Life

We say this when something or someone dies and then starts to live, again. An example of this is when a person’s heart stops pumping blood around their body. The doctor will try to “bring them back to life” by manually pumping their heart of giving them drugs that will bring them back to life”.


When farmers take food from the land, it is called “Harvesting”.

Chocolate Bunnies

Easter is also a celebration of Spring, a season of harvest. A symbol of spring, is the rabbit or as we call them in English; “bunny rabbits – bunnies”. For this reason we celebrate Easter by eating chocolates which are shaped like bunny rabbits. Chocolate bunnies are my favourite way to celebrate Easter.

Easter Eggs

As well as chocolates which are shaped like rabbits, we also eat chocolate eggs.

To be “off work”

When you have a day off work, it means that you don’t have to go to work. In Britain, most people are “off work” on Saturday and Sundays.

How to Celebrate Easter like British People

In Britain, everybody is looking forward to this year’s Easter holiday. It is a time that we celebrate the arrival of the spring season. It is also the time that we celebrate Jesus coming back to life. The story in the Bible says that Jesus was nailed to a cross on “Good Friday” – I don’t really understand why we call it “Good Friday”, it must have been a really bad Friday. Lots of blood and the death of Jesus!

Then, on Easter Sunday, somebody went to visit Jesus’ tomb, to pay their respects. But Jesus was not in his tomb, his tomb was empty! Then they saw Jesus walking around – he had come back to life!

Easter Holiday!

At Easter, British people have a long weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) off work. This is a time for families to get together for dinner and to give each other chocolate gifts. For Easter, families eat meat with vegetables and then eat lots of chocolate!

This year (2012), “Good Friday” is on the 6th of April.

Easter Sunday is on the 8th of April. 

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Easter Egg Hunt In Britain, adults hide lots of little chocolate Easter eggs around the house and garden, and the children “hunt” for them....
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