10 Everyday English Expressions


1. 24/7 – Twenty Four Seven

When somebody says you can do something “24/7” they mean that you can do something 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can ALWAYS do something.

e.g. I’m so unhappy. I work 24/7!

e.g. The new website is great! It means I can study 24/7 if I want to!

2. To get the ball rolling = To Start

When somebody says “Let’s get the ball rolling”, they are suggesting that you start doing what you are talking about.

e.g. John, I think we have been talking about the new English assignment for long enough, let’s get the ball rolling and do some work!

3. Take it Easy!

When somebody tells you to “take it easy” they are telling you to relax.

e.g. Ben, you have worked so hard this year. I think you need to have a holiday and take it easy for a couple of weeks

e.g. I have a day off work tomorrow so I am going to stay at home and take it easy!

4. I’ll get back to you….

If somebody says that they are going to “get back to you”, it means they don’t know the anwswer to your question and need more time.

e.g. I’m not sure how much money I will need for your tickets so I will get back to you later/tomorrow.

5. I’m Broke!

When somebody tells you that they are “broke”, it means that they don’t have any money.

e.g. I want to come to the bar tonight but I have spent all my money and now I’m broke!

6. 9 O’clock Sharp

If somebody tells you that you ahve to be in work at 9/10/11/12 o’clock sharp, it means that you have to be there at exactly that time. Not one minute later or earlier.

e.g. I have an early meeting with my boss in the morning. I have to meet him at 7 o’clock sharp!

7. Like the back of my hand

If you know something very very well, you can say that you know it like the back of your hand. It’s an expression based on the fact that we all know what the back of our hands look like.

e.g. I have lived in Barcelona for 3 years now and I know the city like the back of my hand!

e.g. Don’t worry, John won’t be late because he  knows this village like the back of his hand.

8. Give me a hand

If somebody asks you to “give them a hand”, it means that they are asking you for help.

e.g. Hi Tony, would you mind giving me a hand on Sunday? I need help with moving my furniture.

9. I haven’t seen you in ages!

If you haven’t seen a friend for a very long time, you may say to them; “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages!”

e.g. I am worried about James. I haven’t seen him in ages!

10. I’m sick and tired

If you are tired of a situation you may say that you are sick and tired. It means that you don’t want to do, hear or see something any more because you have had enough.

e.g. I’m sick and tired of John moaning all the time. He always miserable!

e.g. I’m sick and tired of studying for my exams. I can’t do any more!

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1. 24/7 – Twenty Four Seven When somebody says you can do something “24/7” they mean that you can do something 24 hours a...
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