CAE Speaking Tips Part 2 (The Long Turn)

Help and advice for the CAE English Oral ExamWe recently gave you our CAE Speaking Exam Tips Part 1 (The Interview) – which gave you inside information for the first section of the CAE speaking test. We are now going to look at the second part of the exam, which is a ‘long talk’, to see how you can best prepare for you CAE oral exam. Vamos!

Tastk: To speak for a long period of time, using advanced English language to describe, compare and contrast a topic. (Remember, it is not really important ‘what’ you say at this stage, it’s more important ‘how’ you say it.

Duration: The second part of the CAE oral exam will last about 5 minutes.

It doesn’t sound that long but it’s hard to talk for 5 minutes. As the student you will have to talk about the pictures without interruption. This can be hard, even in your first language, but it’s important to talk continuously, even if you are nervous. When candidate A has finished talking, the examiner will ask Candidate B to talk.

CAE Oral Task Example

The examiner will ask a question such as:

Q: In this part of the exam I’m going to give each of you three photographs and I’d like you to talk about them on your own for about a minute and to answer a question about your partner’s photographs.

Q: Here are your pictures. They show people in different educational settings. I’d like you to talk about two of these photos and to compare and contrast the situations and say how the students may be feeling in each scene.

It’s very important to answer BOTH of the examiner’s instructions. First, you must ‘compare and contrast’ the photographs, and secondly you must discuss how the the people ‘might be feeling’. Remember, THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS – you simply have to show your knowledge.


1. When comparing and contrasting two of the pictures, make sure to choose pictures that are VERY different. This will make it easier for you to complete the task.

2. Show that you have finished talking by adding your personal thoughts about the images.

3. The key to passing the CAE oral exam is to feel confident that you can talk comfortably for as long as needed. To increase your confidence and fluency, spend as much time as you can talking out-loud with your friends, and even when you are alone.

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We recently gave you our CAE Speaking Exam Tips Part 1 (The Interview) – which gave you inside information for the first section of...
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