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english slang and expressions authentic from the streets of britain and London

10 English Slang Expressions from the Streets of London, Britain. 

1. Give You/Me A Bell!

If somebody asks you to ‘give them a bell’ it means that they want you to call them on the telephone.

e.g. I’m not sure what time the party is on Saturday, I’ll give you a bell when I find out!

2. I’m Gutted!

If somebody is ‘gutted’ they are really upset, angry or sad about something that has happened to them.

e.g. I wanted to see Barcelona play at the Champion’s League but there were no tickets left. I am so gutted.

3. I’m Going for a Kip!

If somebody is going for a ‘kip’ it means they are going for a quick sleep, or a ‘nap’ as we also call it.

e.g. I’m really tired but I am going to a party tonight. I think I will have a quick kip before we go, I’ll feel much better after some sleep.

4. It’s the Bee’s Knees!

If something is the ‘bee’s knees’ it means it is really fantastic.

e.g. I love the beach in Barcelona. It really is the bee’s knees. I want to go again this weekend.

5. He is Dodgy!

If something is ‘dodgy’ it means that there is something wrong with it. It’s like the Spanish word ‘chungo’.

e.g. I bought a new bag off the man in the street. He said it was real but I think it is dodgy,  I shouldn’t have bought it. The bag is dodgy, and so was the salesman!

6. It’s Wonky!

If something is not stable or straight you can say that it is ‘wonky’.

e.g. We need to put something under this table to make it stop moving, it’s really wonky!

7. I Need to Find a Loo!

‘Loo’ is another word for ‘toilet’.

e.g. I have drank lots of water today and now I’m desperate o use a toilet. Do you know where I can find a loo?

8. It’s a Shambles!

When something is in a ‘shambles’ it is in a un-organised state.

e.g. I went into my little brother’s bedroom to find a book, but his room is in such a shambles that I couldn’t find anything.

9. It’s Sorted!

If something is ‘sorted’ it is arranged, organised, ready, finished, taken care of.

e.g. Don’t worry about the music for the party tomorrow night, I’ve got it sorted. My friend Jimmy and his band are going to play for free.

10. I’m Knackered!

If you are ‘knackered’ it means that you are exhuasted. Normally we say that we are knackered after working hard or doing lots of physical activity.

e.g. I have been working all day, then I went to the gym. I’m knackered and I need a kip!

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10 English Slang Expressions from the Streets of London, Britain.  1. Give You/Me A Bell! If somebody asks you to ‘give them a bell’...
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