6 Best FREE English Learning Websites – Las 6 Mejores Webs Para Aprender Inglés Gratis

Las 6 Mejores Webs Para Aprender Inglés Gratis
There are so many fun and interesting ways to study English as a foreign language!

  • You can got to English classes at an English school
  • You can buy books and teach your self
  • You can get a private English teacher to help you
  • You can travel to an English speaking country and make friends

But a great way to do it for FREE is to use websites to help you! Websites are a great resource and if yo use them as well as go to English classes you will learn very very quickly! Here is a list of the best FREE English learning websites online!

1. Exam English – FREE Practice Tests for English Learners

Free English Practice Tests
Free English Practice Tests

There’s nothing more stressful than studying for an important exam and it’s very important that you study in the right way. The best way to study for English exams such as TOEFL, FCE, CAE or other Cambridge exams, is to do lots of practice tests! This exam is a great place to find free English practice tests for all levels of English students!


2. Livemocha – Get Help From Other English Learners!


Livemocha is great for all language learners and provide brilliant, fun courses for English learners. They focus on short courses and communications with visuals and recordings that help English students learn by seeing and listening. The BEST THING about Livemocha is that students can submit their work for other students to check. It’s kind like an online intercambio where English students can help Spanish students, and vice versa! And yes!, it’s FREE!


3. Elllo – Improve Your English Listening Skills


It’s difficult to practice your English listening skills without an English speaking friend or teacher. But Elllo really helps. It plays you videos and sound files of English speakers from all around the world and displays a text script so you can follow along. They also have fun games and songs which makes it the ideal place to practice your English listening. This is great for all levels of students, from beginner to CAE!


4. British Council – Essential English Lessons Online


The British Council run a great English learning website called www.go4English.com. The website is great for English teachers, students and children. The site offers quizzes, tests and fun English learning games online – like all of these great English learning sites, it’s FREE!


5. BBC Learning English – Learn English Grammar, Vocabulary & Prnunciation

BBC Learning English

The BBC offers a fantastic English learning website where students can study English with audio recordings, MP3s ad tests! Many English learners enjoy the “6 Minute English” because it is quick and precise.

BBC Learning English

6. Wellington House Idiomas English Learning Blog

Of course, this English learning blog is a great way to learn new English vocabulary, idioms, grammar and phrasal verbs. It is also a great place to learn colloquial English language and learn about British and American culture!


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Las 6 Mejores Webs Para Aprender Inglés Gratis There are so many fun and interesting ways to study English as a foreign language! You...
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