5 Sitios Para Practicar Su Inglés en Barcelona Gratis


Do you speak English?


Si quieres practicar tu inglés y conocer a gente de otros países, aquí te ofrecemos una lista de los grupos de intercambio lingüístico y clubs en  Barcelona. (Si tenemos noticias de intercambios en otras ciudades, los publicaremos también en esta sección)


1. English Oasis Cafe in Barcelona

This group of friendly language lovers meet every Sunday to socialise and practice languages with native speakers from across the globe.

Address: C/Sotstinent Navarro, 18. Metro: Jaume I (L 4)
More info: www.englishoasiscafe.com

2. The Travel Bar – Barcelona

This is a popular bar where ‘guiris’ from all over the world go to make new friends. It’s a great place to go and practice your English with people that are excited to meet local Spanish/Catalan people and learn more about Barcelona.

Address: Calle Boqueria, 27, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
More Info: 933 42 52 52
Web: www.travelbar.com

3. English Speaking Club – Barcelona

Make friends whilst enjoying dinner and dancing with new friends in Barcelona! This group of international people meet up once a week and welcome you to come along.

Tel: 607 113 737
More info: www.englishspeakingclub.com

4. Language Exchange Group in Barcelona

Every SUNDAY to exchange culture & practice different languages like English, French German, Italian Spanish Catalan with native speakers from all over the world.

Tel: 627 32 38 31 .
email: lecbarcelona@hotmail.com

5. Drinks and New Friends – International Friends Barcelona

Practice your English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan or German whilst making new friends international Friends Barcelona. They meet every Wednesday and Friday and everyone is welcome!

Tel: 607 113 737
More info: interfriendsbcn@hotmail.com

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¿DONDE HABLAR INGLES EN BARCELONA?   Si quieres practicar tu inglés y conocer a gente de otros países, aquí te ofrecemos una lista de los grupos...
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