5 Funny Mistakes the Spanish People Make in English

confused-1Spanish people have a habit of making the same mistakes in English – all the time! You  know you do it too. Take a look at these common Spanglish expressions and see if you recognise any of them.

  1. I e-speak e-spanish and I e-sing e-songs!
    Do you add ‘E’ to the beginning of words that start with an ‘s’?

This is a common problem for Spanish people when they speak English, they find it very difficult to pronounce ‘s’ words without adding the ‘e’. But it can confuse native English speakers because they think you are trying to say something different.

Remember: I Speak Spanish and I Sing Songs 🙂

2. I am going to the house of my parents!

This is a classic spanglish way to talk English. Remember, it should be “I am going to my parents’ house”. “She is John’s sister” not “She is the sister of John”

English native speakers will understand what you mean if you make this mistake, but it could be very confusing.

3. I have a very good job and I win a lot of money!

In Spanish, the verb “ganar” has two meanings: to earn and to win. But in English, these two verbs have very different meanings.

To win: Win a game, win the lottery, win a prize.

To earn: Earn a salary, earn money at work, earn respect.

Remember: You earn lots of money if you have a good job. You win lots of money if you win the lottery.

4. We are going to the beach?

Intonation is very important in Spanish, but in English, it is not used in the same way.

You should not say: “We are going to the beach?” You should say: “Are we going to the beach?

5. Let’s take a coffee!

You can’t always translate words directly from Spanish into English.

In Spanish, we “tomar un cafe” = “take a coffee”. But in English, we “have a coffee” or “get a coffee”.

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Spanish people have a habit of making the same mistakes in English – all the time! You  know you do it too. Take a...
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