7 Expresiones de Amor en Inglés | Love & Relationship Vocabulary

EL AMOR es la cosa más difícil de describir y hablar. Y es aún más difícil cuando no tenemos las palabras adecuadas para expresar lo que sentimos. Por lo tanto, si amas a tu perro, tu bicicleta, tu novia o novio, he aquí algo esencial “Expresiones de amor en Ingles” que le ayudará a decir lo que sientes. Pero recuerde, las acciones hablan más que las palabras.

Expresiones de Amor en Inglés Love & Relationship Vocabulary[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RudHRLUpKlQ?rel=0]

1. To Hit it Off

When you meet someone that you instantly connect with and like a lot, you can say that you have “hit it off”.

e.g. I met Juan yesterday at the party and we really hit it off. It was like I had known him my entire life. We are going to go for a coffee tomorrow! I can’t wait!

e.g. Maria and Antonio look like they are really hitting it off. They only met tonight, but they haven’t stopped talking! Maybe they will go out on a date.

2. On the Rocks

When relationships aren’t going perfectly, you can say that the relationship is “on the rocks”. It not a very good thing for a relationship. It has a strong, negative connotation.

e.g. Maria and Juan have been together for 5 years, but all they do is argue and fight with each other. Their relationship is definitely on the rocks and I think they might split up. It’s so sad.

e.g. My parents’ relationship is on the rocks and I am worried that they are going to get divorced. It’s so horrible to be in the house with them because all they do is fight. 

3. Pop the Question

When someone “pops the question”, they are asking their partner the “big question” – Will you marry me?

e.g. Kirsty and Dave went on holiday last week and Dave popped the question! They were at the top of the Eiffel Tower and it was a very romantic way to propose marriage. I’m so happy for them. 

4. Tie the Knot

When a couple decide to “tie the knot”, it means that they have decided to get married.

e.g. Juan popped the question last night and Sarah said yes! They are going to tie the knot next summer – it’s so exciting!

e.g. I am so angry with my best friend from school. She tied the knot last summer and she didn’t invite me to the wedding! I’m very sad about it. 

5. Fall Head Over Heels

Sometimes when you meet somebody very special, you instantly feel totally in love with them. If you “fall head over heels” you are totally and completely 100% in love with someone. It is a very strong expression.

e.g. Last night I met the man of my dreams. I have fallen head over heels for him and I can’t stop thinking about him!

e.g. Maria met Justin Bieber at the concert last week and she fell head over heels in love with him! She’s crazy!

6. Puppy Love

When a person is very young and has no experience with love, or relationships, they often fall in love with people very easily. This is because it is a new and exciting emotion that they are feeling.

e.g. My mother is worried about my brother because he has fallen head over heals in love with a girl from school. He isn’t focusing on his school work. But it’s obvious that it is just puppy love, I’m sure he’ll be back to normal very soon.

e.g. Little Jimmy has finally got a girlfriend. It’s his first girlfriend and he doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s obviously just puppy love, I don’t think it will last very long. 

7. Settle Down

When people are young they are often more interested in parties and music than houses, kitchens and babies. But when couples “tie the knot” they often become obsessed with “settling down”, having babies and making a home.

e.g. Ana and Oriol used to love going to parties but then they settled down and now they never leave their house. I think they are going to have a baby soon!

e.g. I have travelled the world and been to a million parties. But now I want to find a great girl to settle down with and have babies. Yes, I’m ready to settle down. 

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EL AMOR es la cosa más difícil de describir y hablar. Y es aún más difícil cuando no tenemos las palabras adecuadas para expresar...
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