8 Ways to Express How Much Energy You Have in English

English-ways-to-express-energy1. Knackered

This is a very informal way to express that you are very, very tired.

e.g. I have been cycling all day, it was a lot of fun but I am so knackered now. I need to sit down and relax!

2. Worn Out

This is another way to express that you have done a lot of work and are feeling very tired. The connotation is that you are very tired ‘in general’, not just at the moment you are saying it.

e.g. I really need a holiday. I’ve been working everyday for the last 4 months and I’m worn out. 

3. Full of Beans

If you are ‘full of beans’, it means that you have lots and lots of energy. It almost means that you have ‘too much’ energy!

e.g. I am really excited about climbing the mountain today! I slept so well last night and I’m full of beans now, let’s do it!

4. Fresh as a Daisy

Another way to express that you have lots of energy, the expression “fresh as a daisy” suggests that you have slept well and are feeling very energetic.

e.g. I was feeling tired and a bit ill yesterday but I had a good night’s sleep and now I feel fresh as a daisy! Excellent!

5. Exhausted

This one needs no explanation!

e.g. I just did a marathon and I feel mentally and physically exhausted – take me home!

6. I’m Beat

This is a very American way to say that you are tired and ready for bed.

e.g. My friends are going to the bar for some drinks but I’m totally beat so I’m just going to stay at home and rest. 

7. Run Down

This also refers to how you are feeling “in general”, and not just at the time of saying it.

e.g. I haven’t had a day off for 2 weeks, the baby is always crying and I feel incredibly run down. I need a holiday in the sun!

8. Burnt Out

Sometimes, you just have to stop. Stop work, stop play – stop everything. This is because you are burnt out.

e.g. It’s been a long month with some really challenging periods at work and problems at home. I am totally burnt out and I need a holiday!

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1. Knackered This is a very informal way to express that you are very, very tired. e.g. I have been cycling all day, it...
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