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Travel Phrasal Verbs

1. To “Get On”

You normally “get on” something so that you can travel.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Get On”

1. I’m going to get on a bus and go to the city!

2. I’m going to get on my bike and cycle to the park!

3. I got on the train and went to the mountains!


2. To “Get In”

You usually “get in” to a vehicle that is travels on a road.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Get In”

1. Get in your car and come visit me at my house.

2. Let’s get in a taxi so we are not late for the theatre.

3. Let’s get in a mini bus with all of our friends and go to the party.


3. To “Get Away”

Sometimes when you are stressed and tired, you can say that you need to “get away”.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Get Away”

1. I have been working for six months without a break. I really need to get away!

2. My boss really needs to get away from the office; she is exhausted.

3. Let’s get away this Christmas and doing something different.


4. To “Stop Over”

Sometimes, when a place is very far away, you have to stop your journey and continue at a later date.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Stop Over”

1. We are flying from London to Australia, but we have a two-night stop over in Singapore because it is so far away!

2. We are driving from Barcelona to Rome but I think we will stop over in Andorra.


5. To “Back Up”

When you drive backwards, or in reverse, you ca say that you are “backing up”.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Back Up”

1. She was backing up her car when she ran over the dog. I don’t think she could see the dog in her mirrors.

2. Please back up your car in the carpark so I can get my car out.


6. To “Crash Into”

When you lose control of your car/bike/motorcycle etc., you may accidentally “crash into” something.

Example of phrasal verb, “Crash Into”

1. The man fell asleep because he was very tired and he crashed into a tree!

2. I was cycling to work when a car crashed into me and broke my leg!


7. To “Pull Out”

When you move from one street to another street, or from one lane to another lane, you can say that you are “pulling out”.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Pull Out”

1. We are in the wrong lane, we need to pull out into that lane!

2. I was cycling in the cycle lane when a car pulled out from nowhere! I didn’t see it and I nearly crashed into the back of it!


8. To “Pull Over”

When your car has problems on the motorway, you have to “pull over” to the side of the road, so that other vehicles can pass you.

Examples of phrasal verb, “Pull Over”

1. My engine was on fire so I had to pull over and wait to be rescued.

2. We are lost so I think we should pull over at the side of the road and have a look at the map.


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1. To “Get On” You normally “get on” something so that you can travel. Examples of phrasal verb, “Get On” 1. I’m going to...
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