5 English Idioms with “Can’t”

The verb “Can’t” is the same as “Cannot” and is the opposite of “Can“.

e.g. I can sing, but I can’t dance!

Can is also used in question form.

e.g. Can I please have a ham and cheese sandwich?

can't be bothered

Idioms with “Can’t”



1. Can’t bear 

This is very similar to “can’t stand.” “Can’t bear” however, normally refers to a situation. If you can’t bear someone or something, it means that you really don’t like them/it.

e.g. I can’t bear being away from my parents for so long. I really miss them.

e.g. My boyfriend is moving to Australia next month and I can’t bear thinking about it. It makes me so sad.

2. Can’t take it

If you can’t tolerate something or someone’s behavior, you can say that you “can’t take it.”

e.g. Juan has been screaming and shouting all day, I can’t take it anymore!

3. Can’t be bothered

When you are tired and have no energy or interest in doing something, you can say that you “can’t be bothered.”

e.g. I have so much homework to do, but I’m tired and I can’t be bothered to do it

e.g. Jun and Maria want me to go to the part with them tonight but I can’t be bothered.

4. Can’t wait

When you are very excited about something, you can say that you “can’t wait.”

e.g.  My sister is coming home for the summer holidays and I can’t wait to see her!

5. Can’t stand

When you really don’t like something or someone, you can say that you can’t stand it/them.

e.g.  My friend really likes the new Beyonce album but I can’t stand it. I think it’s her worst album ever.

e.g. My sister has got a new boyfriend but I really can’t stand him. He’s so rude!

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The verb “Can’t” is the same as “Cannot” and is the opposite of “Can“. e.g. I can sing, but I can’t dance! Can is...
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