7 Unmissable Business Idioms – Pass the Test, Get the Job!

7 Unmissable Business Idioms - Get the Job, Pass the Test!

Business idioms are great for improving your writing and speaking. They are also fantastic to know for job interviews! Oh, and you can use them at work too. So here you have 5 useful business idioms to learn. Let’s go!

1. “A quick micro meeting”

When people are very busy at work, it can be difficult to find time for important meetings. This is when you might organise “a quick micro-meeting” with the most important people involved in the project. A micro-meeting is usual less formal than a normal meeting, it is also much quicker.

2. “Let’s get the ball rolling”

This is a common expression used to suggest that you want to get a project started. Imagine you had a quick micro-meeting with your boss to talk about building a new team of graphic designers.

At the end of the meeting, you might say: “I will get the ball rolling and write the job advert. We can’t do anything until we have an advert.”

3. “A hand over meeting/document”

When a project is transferred from one person to another person, it is likely that you would have a “hand over meeting” to tell the new project manager everything they need to know. The new project manager may also receive a “hand over document” with all the information about the project.

4. “Time is money”

A very common expression in business, “time is money” suggests that your time is very, very valuable (and limited) so you should be careful with how you use it.

5. “Miss the boat”

Because “time is money” and it is important to wok quickly in the business world, there are often time limits on projects.

For example, if you wanted to design a new Christmas card to add to your product range, you would want to have the design finished before December. “I’m worried we have missed the boat with the new Christmas card design. Juan says it won’t be finished until February!”

6. “Fill me/someone in”

The purpose of a micro-meeting or a hand over meeting is usually to tell somebody everything they need to know about something. Another way to say that you are “telling them everything they need to know” is to say that you are going to “fill them in”.

e.g. “Juan and Maria are going to have a micro meeting with Antonio today so they can fill him in on the progress with the new Christmas card designs.”

7. “To think outside of the box”

Another classic business idiom; when you work for a business, it is very important to find creative solutions to the business’ problems. Often when we are presented with a problem, you are told “to think outside of the box” to find a way to solve it.

When you are thinking outside of the box, you are looking for the solutions which are not obvious.

There are many, many more business idioms; do you know any others? Join us on Facebook and tell us which are your favourites. You can also practise using these new ones!

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Business idioms are great for improving your writing and speaking. They are also fantastic to know for job interviews! Oh, and you can use...
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