5 Nuevos Verbos Frasales con Video y Ejemplos

Are you ready to become a phrasal verb ninja?

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Yes, Phrasal verbs are very difficult, but they can also be very fun!

Here are 5 fun and very useful phrasal verbs with video lessons to help you become a phrasal verb ninja!

1. “To Hit Up”

If someone asks you to “hit them up”, they are asking you to contact them.

e.g “Hit me up when you in Barcelona next time. It would be great to see you!”

e.g. “I spoke to Juan and I told him I would hit him up next time we’re in Barcelona.”


2. “To Blow Away”

If you see something you thought was totally amazing, you can say that it “blew you away”.

e.g. Barcelona played so well last night, they blew me away!

e.g. I was blown away by how good Barcelona played yesterday; they really are the greatest team on the planet.

e.g. The street performance was amazing, it blew everyone away!


3. “To Knuckle Down”

When you have to work really hard, you can say that you need to “knuckle down”.

Note: The “K” is silent so it sounds more like “N-u-ck-al”.

e.g. I can’t come to the party tonight because I need to knuckle down and get some work done.

e.g. If I don’t knuckle down and do some university homework, I am going to fail my degree!


4. “To Buck Up”

If someone tells you to “buck up”, they are telling to be happy, or “cheer up”. They might say it if you look sad or stressed.

e.g. Juan, stop feeling sorry for yourself and finish your homework. It’s time to buck up!

e.g. Buck up Charlie, I know you are sad because Maria went back to Italy, but you will see her soon.

to buck up phrasal verb


5. “To Send Over”

When someone asks you to “send something over”, they are simply asking you to send them something. It normally refers to emails or letters.

e.g. Can you please send me over the photos from our holiday in London? I want to put them on my Facebook profile.

e.g. Juan sent over an email with the details for the new job he is trying to get. It sounds very interesting.

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Are you ready to become a phrasal verb ninja? Yes, Phrasal verbs are very difficult, but they can also be very fun! Here are...
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