Top 10 Business Phrasal Verbs ~ To Rule the World

Get the job, impress your boss, rule the world – with these common business phrasal verbs!


To Write Up

Meaning: to type your rough handwritten notes on a computer, usually from a rough draft or handwritten notes; to create a complete version
E.g. “I went to the conference yesterday and wrote some notes in my notepad. I will write them up today and put them on the blog.”

To Hone/Zero In On

Meaning: to focus on something intensely
E.g. “We have two very serious problems: one in the marketing department and one in the sales department. I will hone/zero in on the problem with marketing and you hone/zero in on the problem with sales.”

To Ask Around

Meaning: to ask lots of people a question
E.g. “I need to borrow a video camera for the conference. I’ll ask around and see if anyone has one.”

To Come Across

Meaning: to find something that you didn’t expect to find
E.g. “I was in the staff room and I came across a pair of shoes that my old boss left here.”

To Swing By

Meaning: to visit someone for a quick meeting without making an arrangement to do so.
E.g. “We need to discuss the presentation we are doing next week. Swing by my office when you are free so we can make a plan.”

To Call Back

Meaning: to return a phone call
E.g. “I called the client yesterday but they didn’t answer. I’m hoping they will call back today.”

To Figure Out

Meaning: to find an answer/solution to a problem
E.g. “We need to figure out how we are going to move 100 people from this office to our new office.”

To Run Past/By

Meaning: to discuss an idea/something with a person to hear their opinion
E.g. “We have a new idea for a product but we need to run it by our manager before we start designing it.”

To Shop Around

Definition: to compare prices for or quality of an item from different sources (similar to ask around)
E.g. “Our usual supplier is expensive. Let’s shop around for a better price on the cases.”

To Think/Mull Something Over

Meaning: to consider something
E.g. “We need to decide which logo to put on the new website. I will mull it over this weekend.”

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Get the job, impress your boss, rule the world – with these common business phrasal verbs! To Write Up Meaning: to type your rough...
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