Essential English Idioms and English Expressions – Talk Like a Londoner!

These are real English secrets and I’m almost certain you won’t have heard them before!

English is full of exciting phrasal verbs, idioms and funny expressions but they are often not included in English books or websites. Over the last week I have been making a note every time I use funny colloquial or slang English language.  

More British slang – English lesson

1. The Spitting Image

The is an expression we use when somebody looks exactly the same as somebody else.

  • “Ben looks the spitting image of his father, it’s so obvious they are father and son!”
  • “That man over there looks the spitting image of my friend John,  I wonder if they are related!”
  • “You daughter is the spitting image of you!”

2. To Brag

Bragging what you do when you are very proud of something. It means the same thing as “to show off”.

  • Jordi “I played football yesterday and I scored 4 goals, my coach says I could play for Barcelona!”
    Ana “Stop bragging, Jordi. You are so showing off and I don’t like it!”

3. To Be All Show and No Go

This is a funny expression and I often use it when I’m expressing that something looks great, but does not perform well.

  • “John’s car is all show and no go. It looks very powerful, but it has a very tiny engine!”
  • “Madrid football team are all show and no go. They have great players but they never get good results.”
  • “The people at the gym, who lift weights, are all show and no go. They look strong but they only lift small weights.”

4. Count On Me

When you say “you can count on me”, you are saying that a person can rely on you and that you will do exactly what you say you will do.

  • Ana: “James, tomorrow is really important to me. Can I depend on you?”
    James: “You can count on me, Ana. I promise I will be there to help!”
  • “You can count on me to give my honest opinion. I promise to be honest.
  •  David: “John, can I count on you to help me tomorrow?”
    John: “I’m sorry, but no. I have to work so I can’t help.”

5. Selling Like Hot Cakes

When something “sells like hot cakes”, it means it is very popular and people are buying them very quickly.

  • “The new iPhone has been released and they are selling like hot cakes. If you want to buy one, you should come to the shop as soon as possible, before they are all sold!”
  • “I went to the garage to buy a new Ferrari but they were all gone. Apparently they have been selling like hot cakes!”

6. Flown by

When somebody says the day has “flown by”, it means it has gone very quickly.

  • “I’ve been so busy today, the time has flown by!”
  • “I’m so sad that it’s the end of our holiday. The time has flown by and I’ve enjoyed every second.”
  • “I planned to finish my project this weekend but the time has flown by so quickly, I haven’t had time.”

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These are real English secrets and I’m almost certain you won’t have heard them before! English is full of exciting phrasal verbs, idioms and...
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